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Who's this rando?

Graphic designer. Video producer. Roller derby announcer. Former classic rock morning show host. Internet cool kid.

Afraid of water and does not know how to ride a bike.

Was once featured as one of [city name redacted]‘s Tweeters to Follow by [publication title redacted]; moved out of the area immediately afterwards. Insists that the two events are completely unrelated.

Lives in Nashville with a Roomba. They/them pronouns.

“Stelly makes things weird and weird things”

—Lindsay D, friend/former roommate

“How is Stelly even a real person”

—Corinne B, friend/coworker

Stelly Likes: Caffeine, Puns, Fast Food, Comic Books, Road Trips, Memes
Stelly Dislikes: Writing About themself

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